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Author Topic: Use Syncronization in GST  (Read 1642 times)
Enrico S.
Posts: 29

« on: July 31, 2019, 12:14:18 pm »

Hi, All.
I tried to use this new feature of GST, and I have found it not so good.
This because the syncronization is not punctual on the current project but it is applied on the full sync directory.
In a real scenario I work on several projects checked-out from SVN repositories, and each project resides on a separate sub-directory of the local sync directory.
Every time I compile a source program, GST make syncronization of all sub-directories containing each (other) project, and this requires a very long time even on a LAN. I can't image the time required on a WAN connection.
What I was expecting from this feature is the sync of just the current project.
I'll appreciate the opinion of other developers as well as of labs guys.
May be I don't use correctly this new feature ?

Best regards.
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