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Author Topic: [ANNOUNCE] New Minor Release of Genero 2.11  (Read 8004 times)
Christine R.
Four Js
Posts: 414

« on: April 29, 2008, 04:02:30 pm »

   Minor Release Announcement
   Genero 2.11

     We are pleased to announce the availability of a new Minor Release of Genero Business
     Development Language 2.11, including the following packages:
  •   Genero Business Development Language 2.11.02
  •   Genero Desktop Client 2.11.02
  •   Genero Web Services 2.11.01
  •   Genero Application Server/Genero Web Client 2.11.06

   This version is now downloadable from the ftp site :

   Genero Business Development Language 2.11.02

         New features :

  • New database drivers:
    • dbmpgs83x for a PostgreSQL 8.3.x client.
    • dbmmys51x for a MysSQL 5.1.x client.
    • dbmftm90 for a Unix FreeTDS 0.82 client (see connecting to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 .
    • dbmsncA0 for a SQL Server Native client connecting to SQL Server 2008.
    • dbmoraB1 for a Oracle 11g client.

  • Static SQL syntax has been extended:
    • Derived tables and derived column lists are now supported: Genero BDL static SQL syntax now supports derived tables and derived column lists in the FROM clause, for example:

        SELECT * FROM (SELECT * FROM customers ORDER BY cust_num) AS t(c1,c2,c3,...)

    • New transaction isolation levels of Informix 11: The SET ISOLATION statement now supports the new Informix 11 clauses for the COMMITTED READ option:


      When connecting to a non-Informix database, the LAST COMMITTED and RETAIN UPDATE LOCKS options are ignored. Other databases do not support these options, their behavior is the same as when these options are used with
      Informix 11.

    • The CAST operator: The CAST operator can now be used in static SQL statements:

         CAST ( expression AS sql-data-type )

      Note that only Informix data types are supported after the AS keyword.

  • New preprocessor option to remove line number information: You can now remove line number information with -p noln when preprocessing sources to get a readable output:

       fglcomp -E -p noln mymodule.4gl

  • Connecting to Oracle as SYSDBA or SYSOPER: In order to execute database administration tasks, you can now connect to Oracle as SYSDBA or SYSOPER with the CONNECT instruction:

       CONNECT TO "dbname" USER "scott/SYSDBA" USING "tiger"

  • New methods for ui.ComboBox: The ui.ComboBox class has been extended with new methods: getTextOf() and getIndexOf().

  • Make current row visible after sort in lists: A new FGLPROFILE entry has been added to force the current row to be automatically shown after a sort in a table:

       Dialog.currentRowVisibleAfterSort = 1

    By default, the offset does not change and the current row may disappear from the window. When this new parameter is used, the current row will always be visible.

  • The -b option of fglrun has been extended to recognize headers of pcode modules compiled with older versions of BDL. Additionally, fglform now writes build information in the 42f files, to identify on the production site what BDL version was used to compile forms.

   Genero Web Services 2.11.01

     Starting with this 2.11 release, the Genero Web Services extension offers a new HTTP Server low level API allowing to develop REST
     services or any other HTTP based services, such as RSS
     This release will also fix several bugs and offers other significant enhancements, such as XSD Facet constraints thanks to new 4GL attributes.

   Genero Application Server/Genero Web Client 2.11.06

     Starting with this 2.11 release, Genero Application Server embeds the Genero Web Client Framework. You will be able to serve
     GDC/AX connections, GWS requests and GWC connections from a unique GASD process.

     The Genero Web Client embedded in GAS 2.11 introduces :
  • the support of the Canvas widget (rendered as SVG objects in Firefox and VML objects in Internet Explorer)
  • the support of a Data Session framework allowing the management of persistent data through web browser cookies

     This release will also fix several bugs and offers other significant enhancements to improve the snippets based rendering engine.

     We would like to thank you for your interest in our products.

     Best regards,

     Four J's Development tools
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