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Author Topic: [ANNOUNCE] Genero Studio and Report Writer 2.30 - EAP Program new packages  (Read 1661 times)
Olivier E.
Four Js
Posts: 165

« on: September 13, 2010, 09:25:00 pm »

   EAP Program Announcement
   Genero Studio and Report Writer 2.30

     Dear Customers,

     New packages are available for this EAP:
  • GST 2.30.02 build 91839
  • GRE 2.30.02 build 91815

    These packages are now available in the EAP download area.

     You can find a full product description, and the EAP subscription guide at the following URL:     

     The following new features have been added in this version:     
  • Report Writer
    • Images from BLOBs (BYTE) can be embedded in reports.
    • New HTMLBox component for embedding HTML in reports
  • Form Designer
    •   Backward compatibility with forms created with 2.2x and earlier version is completed
  • Code Editor
    • VI emulation
  • Code Analyzer
    • Dependency diagram review for better readability
  • Business Application Diagram & Application Generator
    •   Intermediate XML file format review and associated templates
At this moment, Windows 32-bit and Linux 32-bit packages are available.
     Other packages will follow shortly.

     We appreciate your interest in pre-release access to our products, and value your feedback. Thank you for your
     participation in this important phase of our product development.

     Best regards,

     Four J's Development Tools
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