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Author Topic: Blinking cursor when GST Windows has no focus  (Read 2361 times)
Nuno G.
Posts: 14

« on: June 22, 2018, 01:14:19 pm »

This is a petty thing, I'm sure, but it's something I find very confusing when working with GST: even when the GST window has no focus the cursor on the editor keeps blinking! The result is that when I look to the screen I'm led to believe the windows has focus and I start typing. Only after a few characters (I type fast!) I realize I've typing on the wrong window, messing with code I'm working on in other IDE's.

I tried several other apps (Notepad++, Eclipse, IntellIJ, Word and Excel) and all of them make the editor cursor stop blinking when they loose focus hence the confusion and  inconvenience I take from such a petty detail.

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