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Author Topic: WINCOM EXCEL protect cells  (Read 5246 times)
Malabad P.
Posts: 2

« on: June 15, 2017, 05:20:06 pm »

 Has anyone tried to lock excel data cells?

I am trying to lock a range of cells from editing.

VBA  has Worksheet("Sheet1").Range("A1:E10").Locked = true

I am assuming this is a setProperty and not CallMethod but I keep getting the DISPID_UNKNOWN error.
    waddr,wcell,wvalue string,
    wres,wlin integer

#       wcell = 'A1:E11'
I tried
  LET waddr = 'activeworksheet.Range("',wcell clipped,'").Locked'
as well as
  LET waddr = 'activeworksheet.Range("',wcell clipped,'").Cells.Locked'
  call ui.Interface.FrontCall("WinCOM","SetProperty",[xlwb,waddr,"True"],[wres])
and I get
COMM Error gor call at line        600
One or more of the names were not known. The returned array of DISPIDs contains DISPID_UNKNOWN for each entry that corresponds to an unknown name.
Exit with COM Error.
I also tried
LET waddr = 'activeworksheet.Range("',wcell clipped,'").Locked = True'
as well as
  LET waddr = 'activeworksheet.Range("',wcell clipped,'").Cells.Locked = True'
  call ui.Interface.FrontCall("WinCOM","SetProperty",[xlwb,waddr],[wres])
and I get
Program stopped at 'hb_setup.4gl', line number 105.
FORMS statement error number -6334.
Front end function call stack problem.
Which tells me I was closer the first way.

Thanks for any guidance.  Also, Is there a list of WINCOM properties either through 4js or Microsoft?


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