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Author Topic: Forum etiquette  (Read 8203 times)
Olivier E.
Four Js
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« on: August 21, 2014, 04:05:30 pm »

Forum etiquette

    We cannot possibly read every single job post made on the forum but we do review every single reported post. Please REPORT any posts you think are violating forum etiquette.

    Here are some basic rules to keep this forum a fun place for everyone.

    1- Respect. This is by far the most important rule; the basic rules of real life apply. Show each other respect and you will earn respect in return. Derogatory or insulting remarks will not be tolerated. This applies to all corners of the site - including posts, profile visitor messages, and thread tags.

    2- Search. These forums tend to accumulate knowledge, and so when you have a question do a simple search first. Many times, the best answers will be found in old threads that have gone over the topic in detail. If you can't find your answer or are still unclear, then by all means don't be afraid and post your question.

    3- Disagree, don't attack. Disagree on topics, but try to leave it at that. Just because you don't like someone's opinion doesn't mean you should name call. Don't insult and flame fellow members.

    4- Help. Be helpful, you are here to find or give help. So be helpful to others.

    5- Make suggestions in the suggestions forum. We promise to do our best to accommodate your ideas.

    6- Post in the correct forum this is especially important for our new members. Our community is divided into different forums for a reason, it helps to keep the posts organized and on-topic. This will help ensure you get the correct and meaningful answers to your question and will keep the site more focused for our veteran users.

    7- Commercial posts or activity We have a very strict anti-spam policy and will delete posts without notice that are off-topic or competitive in nature. If you happen to see these types of posts in the forum, we urge you to report these members to us. DO NOT go into a member's "Job posting" and post off-topic or critical comments. DO NOT try to sell your own wares in another member's threads. This thread is protected from any complaints or criticisms.

    8- Dual accounts. Only one account is allowed per member.

    Four Js reserves the right to close any member's account without notice that does not adhere to these rules.

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