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Author Topic: on action query  (Read 5562 times)
Gary C.
Posts: 109

« on: February 04, 2014, 12:40:53 pm »


I have been looking at this for some time and cannot see what is causing this behavior - so thought maybe someone here can point shed some light.

I have a form with a folder with several pages. On one of the pages is a button with an action tied to it along with a table. The button allows the user to drill into the current table entry. The problem I have is that this button fires the "accept" action every time.

Here is the folder page in the form:

  PAGE pg_used (text=%"Where Used", action=pagewhereused)
    END --GRID
     <T tabuse                                                                                                                           >
      [us01        |us02                                     |us03                                                                 ]
     <                                                                                                                                         >
    END --GRID

Here is the code for the form attributes:

BUTTON   vu       : view_product,image="View_Default",text=%"View product",style="noborder";
TABLE      tabuse:tabuseT,doubleclick=view_product;
EDIT        us01   = formonly.tabusestyle,title=%"Product";                                                     
EDIT        us02   = formonly.tabusedesc,title=%"Description";             
EDIT        us03   = formonly.tabusepostn,title=%"Position";         
PHANTOM              formonly.tabuses_stam;

And here is the dialog code:

        display array tabuseA to tabuseR.*
            before display
                call dialog.setActionActive("view_product", tabuseA.getLength())

            on action view_product
                call sys_runm("tcmstfm", tabuseA[dialog.getCurrentRow("tabuser")].tabusestyle, 2)           
        end display

        on action accept
            if b3_allok() then
                exit dialog
            end if

When clicking on the button the view_product action is not being called but rather the function b3_allok() is.

I am hoping this is wood for trees!


Bernard M.
Four Js
Posts: 44

« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2014, 03:44:49 pm »

Hi Gary,

At first sight this looks more like a support case. Anyway we need to have a deeper look at your code.

Could you contact your support center so we can log a case for this? Thanks.

Nuno G.
Posts: 38

« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2014, 10:19:51 am »

For what's worth I would like to confirm Collis info. We ha the same problem, no so long ago, on a similar situation. The workaround was to create a new action other than te accept to accept the input on the "secondary" form.
Thanks to all
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