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Author Topic: New FORM Clause - request  (Read 3233 times)
Jeff M.
Posts: 30

« on: December 13, 2013, 04:51:05 pm »

Hi all,

The new 'FORM' clause in .per files looks really useful and will enable us to move away from gl_addPage onto a better supported method (though it works very well).

But could I request a change to it's behavior please. If a TOOLBAR or TOPMENU exist on the sub-form could you please ignore them (as gl_addPage does) rather than throw up an error (-6841).

This is because the way we treat forms mean we will often open a form either as a page within a larger form (using gl_addPage) or as a popup window, depending on which part of the system we are in. When opening as a window we need a toolbar. Example: in Sales Ledger the invoice details are shown on screen in a 'loaded' page as you click through a list of invoices but in Nominal Ledger we show the invoice details in a popup window if you click a button to view originating source (which might be the sales invoice or alternatively purchase order, journal etc).

This would allow us to use the FORM clause instead of gl_addPage in all situations I can think of.


Jeff McFee
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