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Author Topic: [ANNOUNCE] Genero Studio 2.00 - Beta Program 3  (Read 3532 times)
Christine R.
Four Js
Posts: 350

« on: February 29, 2008, 05:17:12 pm »

   EAP Program Announcement
   Genero Studio 2.00 Beta 3

     We are pleased to announce that Genero Studio v2.00 Beta 3 packages are now available in the EAP download area.


  • Fz#244: FB: Use default system application if no action defined for file type
  • Fz#2228: PM: Get a 'New file' contextual option in project structure
  • Fz#2497: General: Easy switch between opened documents with 'ctrl-tab'
  • Fz#2498: FD: Create alias automatically when selecting same column twice in form wizard

     Problems fixed:

     General product
  • Bz#6854: Same shortcut for different menus
  • Bz#9002: Bad synchronization between panels/views of a same module
  • Bz#9128: Cannot properly navigate in the delete confirmation box with arrow keys
  • Bz#9134: Output tab contextual menu disappears after releasing mouse
  • Bz#9177: 'Help' button doesn't work in certain dialog boxes in Preferences
  • Bz#9229: Genero Studio command line options need to be updated
  • Bz#9283: Inconsistence on adding local files to a project in remote mode
  • Bz#9298: Structure/properties panel resized unexpectedly
  • Bz#9368: Temporary files are not deleted
  • Bz#9373: Add action 'Open in Code Editor' for all file types
  • Bz#9432: GST crash when same name for local Genero Installation and Remote host
  • Bz#9621: Need to click several times to close the 'File Association' window
  • Bz#9650: Change label 'Maximum number of problems per compilation unit'
  • Bz#9651: Linux themes not always well applied
  • Bz#9652: Unexpected vertical scrollbar displayed in the 'File-New' dialog

    Code Editor
  • Bz#6656: Disable option 'Go to bookmark' when no bookmark is set
  • Bz#8160: Folding accelerators not displayed in contextual menu
  • Bz#8188: Unexpected errors shown in included .inc files
  • Bz#8268: Selection options may not work as expected
  • Bz#8283: Keyword highlight remains on double click
  • Bz#9305: Same shortcut <Ctrl+Y> for different actions
  • Bz#9344: Status of 'undo/redo' buttons not kept after saving the file
  • Bz#9347: Checkbox selection doesn't work as expected in 'Find Text' dialog
  • Bz#9407: Check/Uncheck 'Show Right margin' doesn't change 'Right Margin' status
  • Bz#9510: Bookmarks seen twice after editing and splitting/unsplitting view
  • Bz#9513: No bookmark selected while Edit/Delete/Goto options enabled
  • Bz#9526: Text Styles applied when moving Preferences window over code editor
  • Bz#9531: Incorrect title for 'New Bookmark' dialog
  • Bz#9537: Search is not proper for specific numeric key
  • Bz#9544: GST crash on closing CE after performing a search in a square selection
  • Bz#9548: Undo operation in Code Editor is not working as expected
  • Bz#9580: END --TABLE seen twice in .per template file
  • Bz#9592: Cannot navigate in code structure with arrow keys
  • Bz#9597: GST Crash when deleting value in 'Right Margin' Combo-box
  • Bz#9616: Tab/Shift-Tab does not work when focus on sample code area
  • Bz#9648: Infinite loop when performing a 'Find all' using regular expression
  • Bz#9699: Tooltip on 'Comment line' toolbar icon not updated
  • Bz#9705: Inconsistent error message in mod-ce2[5]

    Application Generator
  • Bz#8517: Unexpected behaviour when specifying already existing file names
  • Bz#8557: GST crash on cancelling wizard after providing an invalid form file
  • Bz#9077: Unexpected error message when form chosen in wizard not compiled
  • Bz#9319: GST crash when trying to open invalid AG files
  • Bz#9527: Database list in module information is getting updated unexpectedly
  • Bz#9584: Inappropriate error when creating program on local form with remote configuration
  • Bz#9692: Inconsistent browse buttons in AG views and wizards

    Project Manager
  • Bz#9113: Output tab and current channel combo not automatically selected
  • Bz#9281: 'Save' button always enabled even after saving
  • Bz#9336: Compilation/build stops when error encountered
  • Bz#9355: Application node no longer active when moved
  • Bz#9465: Current library available in dependencies, driving to error when checked
  • Bz#9533: New Target Directory not physically created on the disk
  • Bz#9555: Cannot copy/paste project nodes to the root of the workspace
  • Bz#9598: Environment variable DBPATH not well set in remote mode
  • Bz#9603: Cannot build if 'Target directory' specifies a drive in lower case
  • Bz#9660: Application becomes inactive after delete and undo operations
  • Bz#9678: GST crash after add application and cut operations
  • Bz#9711: 'Set as active' not taken into account in undo/redo stack

    Database Manager
  • Bz#9079: Engine type not well synchronized with driver name on new connection
  • Bz#9504: Option 'Import schema from server' disabled after deleting existing schema
  • Bz#9506: 'Import schema from server' fails if keeping schema combo closed
  • Bz#9539: GST crash on creating db schemas with same name but different case
  • Bz#9579: Unexpected behaviour on 'Change Runner' in 'New connection' wizard
  • Bz#9636: Form Designer is case sensitive on database table and column names

    Form Designer
  • Bz#6333: Layout truncated after resize and undo
  • Bz#6781: Width of static text widget is not well reset after 'undo'
  • Bz#6801: Cannot move a PageControl to the bottom of the form using arrow key
  • Bz#6855: Unexpected actions added to the 'undo' stack when reducing form size
  • Bz#7044: GST crash on 'undo' after column swap
  • Bz#7099: Value missing for property HIDDEN on a topmenu item
  • Bz#7337: Context menu keyboard key doesn't work in Form Designer
  • Bz#7398: Default size of TABLE columns changes after restart
  • Bz#7486: Comment in statusbar not cleared for PROGRESSBAR information
  • Bz#7939: Inconsistent contextual menu displayed when cursor in insert mode
  • Bz#8239: Add a visual sign to inform that the current file has been modified
  • Bz#8369: Invalid form not detected on validation in Form Designer
  • Bz#8504: Common properties not well set after multiple column selection in TABLE
  • Bz#8513: Attributes COLOR and COLOR WHERE are missing for CHECKBOX
  • Bz#8803: Unexpected/wrong .per file generated back when SCROLLGRID involved
  • Bz#8845: 'Validate' and 'Preview' toolBar buttons are enabled while FD is closed
  • Bz#8885: Parent container for widgets not set as expected in case of nested containers
  • Bz#8989: GST crash while adding New Style File
  • Bz#9056: Unexpected error message on Compile/validate/Preview when HRec involved
  • Bz#9091: Move operation for multiselected different level siblings is not as expected
  • Bz#9255: Database elements badly drawn on the form
  • Bz#9274: Multi line text not well handled on certain widgets
  • Bz#9306: Error message not updated after drag&drop on topmenu items
  • Bz#9335: Multi selected fields not properly moved up/down in Form from table wizard
  • Bz#9433: Widget/Container selection in form structure view not possible in certain cases
  • Bz#9439: Bad form resizing in certain cases
  • Bz#9442: Attribute 'gridWidth' not properly set when creating form from table
  • Bz#9443: GST crash on importing certain .per file in Form Designer
  • Bz#9450: Container name set to blank after entering invalid value
  • Bz#9451: TABLE column names not changed on copy/paste
  • Bz#9453: Bad multi selection of TABLE columns when done in form structure
  • Bz#9454: Cannot make multi selection on FOLDER pages in the form structure
  • Bz#9455: Screen Record not updated in certain cases
  • Bz#9466: Data type SERIAL not well handled/converted in form generation
  • Bz#9494: Cannot move the second last column down in form from table wizard
  • Bz#9497: Unexpected error message on setting same name for layout previously deleted/broken
  • Bz#9522: Unexpected selection in form structure after 'Form fron table' wizard
  • Bz#9542: GST crash on 'undo' after copy/paste of TABLE container
  • Bz#9551: GST crash on moving Spacer outside the HRec
  • Bz#9566: TABLE_ALIAS not kept on importing a form
  • Bz#9583: Bad 'undo' after changing MFArray properties
  • Bz#9586: SCROLLGRID changed to GRID when selected by double-click
  • Bz#9596: GST crash on closing unsaved form file having multiple files opened
  • Bz#9606: Undo-Redo toolbar buttons are seen completely disabled in certain cases
  • Bz#9640: GST crash after changing text on TABLE column and cut
  • Bz#9674: GST crash on pasting layout in parent container having insufficient space
  • Bz#9676: Inappropriate error message when .per and .4fd exist in same directory
  • Bz#9691: Paste operation in MFArray not well done on each occurence
  • Bz#9740: GST crash on closing form from structure view in case of multiselection

    File Browser
  • Bz#4649: Folder tree view not refreshed
  • Bz#6569: Right click does not highlight the selected directory
  • Bz#6571: Refresh directory view closes all expanded folder
  • Bz#6863: Selection not well done in FB when files listed as small/large icons
  • Bz#7399: Cannot perform a drag&drop in Folder Contents window
  • Bz#8278: Contextual options for displaying units are inverted
  • Bz#8313: Collapse/expand a parent folder doesn't keep the state of sub-folders
  • Bz#8844: Unexpected error message while creating new File/Folder
  • Bz#8914: Location/Address and filter bar missing in File Browser window
  • Bz#9152: Unexpected multi selection on folder list in File Browser
  • Bz#9153: File Browser preferences not applied until refresh or restart
  • Bz#9712: Cannot delete directories if they aren't empty

    Graphical Debugger
  • Bz#8361: Refresh issue in current file when starting debug session

  • Bz#9421: Links in ""Form Designer Help"" refer to non existing html files
  • Bz#9536: Incorrect size limit given for form width and height in Help Document
  • Bz#9558: 'Help' in help drives to error

     How to subscribe

   If you are not yet subscribed to the Beta program you can still ask to be : you must have a Four J's web site
   account ("My Account") that enables access to privileged technical information.
  • Go on our website
  • Log in my account
  • In the back right corner of the home page you have a link named "Early Access Programs"
    Click on "Subscribe"

     Four J's will send you an acknowledgment of your subscription.   

     We appreciate your interest in pre-release access to our products, and value your feedback. Thank you for your
     participation in this important phase of our product development.

     Best Regards,

     The Four Jís Genero Studio team
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