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Author Topic: Combobox - changes data?  (Read 6337 times)
Stephen T.
Posts: 114

« on: May 06, 2010, 09:03:18 am »

Is there a way to stop a combobox changing what a user has typed?

If there is a combobox with entires such as 1,5,7,9,16,21,155,162,600,712... and the user starts to type 162, but is slow, the auto prompter ends up with 600, totally ignoring the previously typed 1. The widget appears to have changed what the user typed.

I see that the autoSelectionStart option was added to the styles - would it be possible to also add something like a compareFullField style, where all the chars typed are preserved? OR have a form attribute for a combobox to adjust the time delay between keys that the auto selector uses? IE KEYDELAY=INFINITE.
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