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Author Topic: [ANNOUNCE] Genero Studio and Report Writer 2.20 BETA 2 - New Packages  (Read 2044 times)
Olivier E.
Four Js
Posts: 171

« on: December 01, 2009, 09:25:57 pm »

   EAP Program Announcement
   Genero Studio and Report Writer 2.20 BETA 2

    We are pleased to announce that Genero Studio v2.20 Beta 2 packages are now available in the EAP download area.

     You can find a full product description, and the EAP subscription guide to the following URL:     

     You can also refer to the Release Notes to have an overview of all the enhancements and issues fixed for this

     We appreciate your interest in pre-release access to our products, and value your feedback. Thank you for your
     participation in this important phase of our product development.

     Best Regards,

     The Four Jís Genero Studio team
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