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Author Topic: [ANNOUNCE] Four J's Genero 2.10 is now available  (Read 7225 times)
Olivier E.
Four Js
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« on: December 05, 2007, 04:35:49 pm »

   Major Release Announcement
   Genero 2.10

                    General  Availability Announcement

     We are pleased to announce the availability of a new  Release of Genero Business
     Development Language 2.10, including the following packages:

  •    Genero Business Development Language 2.10.01
  •    Genero Desktop Client 2.10.04
  •    Genero Application Server 2.10.05
  •    Genero Web Services 2.10.01
  •    Genero Web Client 2.10.06

     This version is now downloadable from the web site.

   Genero Business Development Language 2.10.01
         New features:
  • Multiple Dialogs: A new DIALOG instruction handles different parts of a form simultaneously.
  • TRY/CATCH pseudo statement: The TRY/CATCH pseudo statement can handle exceptions raised by the runtime system.
  • WHENEVER .... RAISE: Instructs the DVM that an uncaught exception will be handled by the caller of the function.
  • SQL Server Native Client driver: Support for SQL Server 2005 Native Client is now provided.
  • Support for SPLITTER attribute: HBox and VBox can now get a splitter.
  • Double-click in tables: With the new DOUBLECLICK table attribute, it is now possible to send a specific action when the user double-clicks on a row.
  • New X conversion code in fgldbsch: The fgldbsch tool now supports the X conversion code to ignore table columns of a specific type. This is useful for ROWID-like columns such as SQL Server's uniqueidentifier columns.
  • SQL Interruption in database drivers: Before version 2.10, SQL interruption was not well supported for Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Genero db databases. SQL interruption is now available with all databases providing an API to cancel a long running query.
  • NULL pointer exceptions can be trapped:
    Error -8083 will be raised if you try to call an object method with a variable that does not reference an object (i.e. which contains NULL).
  • Client socket interface in Channels: The Channel class now provides a method to establish a client socket connection to a server, with the new openClientSocket() method.
  • Stack trace: For debugging purpose, you can now get the stack trace of the program with the Application.getStackTrace() method.
  • GUI Connection Timeout: It is now possible to define a timeout delay for front-end connections with the following FGLPROFILE entry:
                 gui.connection.timeout = seconds
  • Assigning a value to a TEXT variable: Now you can assign STRING, CHAR and VARCHAR values to a TEXT variable.
  • New Presentation styles : Presentation Styles have been extended.
  • fglrun -s option displays now more information : The -s option of fglrun now reports more information about sizes.
  • fglrun -e option takes list of extensions: The fglrun -e option supports now a comma-separated list of extensions, and -e can be specified multiple times:
                 fglrun -e ext1,ext2,ext3 -e ext4,ext5 myprogram
  • Detecting data changes immediately: It is now possible to get an action event when the user modifies the value of a field, with the predefined dialogtouched action.
  • Controlling data validation for actions: You can now use the validate="no" action default attribute to prevent data validation when executing an action.
  • New MINWIDTH, MINHEIGHT attributes in forms: It is now possible to define a minimum width and height to forms with the MINWIDTH, MINHEIGHT attributes.
  • Avoid automatic temporary row in INPUT ARRAY with the new AUTO APPEND attribute.
  • New implicit navigation actions in INPUT ARRAY and DISPLAY ARRAY: firstrow, lastrow, nextrow and prevrow actions are created.
  • New DOM methods to serialize or parse strings: The parse() and toString() methods are now available for a DomNode object, and a DomDocument object can be created with createFromString().
  • New I/O methods to read/write TEXT or BYTE from/to files: The TEXT and BYTE data types support now the methods to readFile(fileName) and writeFile(fileName).

   Genero Desktop Client 2.10.04

         New features:

  • Multiple Dialogs support
  • "dialogtouched" action support
  • Layout: SPLITTER support
  • Layout: general review. Size is now stored per window (instead of per widget), large forms are much better managedÖ
  • Window Minimum Size support
  • New styleAttributes: localAccelerator, textSyntaxHighlight, windowPosition
  • Table improvement: "column chooser" for visibility, Column comment added, "doubleclick" attribute support

   Genero Application Server 2.10.05

         New features:

  • Managing web service configuration at runtime (HotRestart): You can now manage web service configurations at runtime to allow web service updates without gasd  stop/restart.
  • Kerberos Support: Kerberos authentication allows you to run impersonated DVM through HTTP (where  the DVM is started as the authenticated user). Authentication is currently supported by the Genero Desktop Client (GDC and GDC/AX) and the Genero Web Client.

   Genero Web Services 2.10.01

         New features:

  • Genero XML Extension library (xml)
     This library provides classes and methods to perform:
    •   XML manipulation with a W3C Document Object Model (DOM) API
    •   XML manipulation with a Streaming API for XML (StAX)
    •   Validation of DOM documents against XML Schemas
    •   Serialization of 4GL variables in XML
    •   Creation of XML Schemas corresponding to 4GL variables
  • Low-level XML and TEXT over HTTP and TCP Client communication (com): The GWS com library provides two classes, HTTPRequest and HTTPResponse, to perform low-level XML and TEXT over HTTP communications on the client side. Two more classes, TCPRequest and TCPResponse, are also provided to perform low-level XML and TEXT over TCP communications on the client side. This allows communication between applications using the core Web technology, taking advantage of the large installed base of tools that can process XML delivered plainly over HTTP or TCP, as well as SOAP over HTTP.
  • Low-level and asynchronous Client stub generation from WSDL: The fglwsdl tool generates all client stubs with the low-level HTTPRequest and HTTPResponse classes of the com library to perform HTTP communications. The low-level generated stub also takes advantage of the streaming methods, if Document Style or RPC-Literal web services are performed. Streaming is not possible with RPC-Encoded web services, as nodes can have references to other nodes in the XML document, requiring the entire document in memory to perform serialization or deserialization. The fglwsdl tool also generates two new 4GL functions for each operation of a Web service. These two functions enable you to perform asynchronous web service operation calls by first sending the request, and retrieving the corresponding response later in the application. This allows you to prevent a 4GL application from being blocked if the response of a web service operation takes a certain amount of time.
  • Generation of data types from XML schemas (XSD): GWS Extension provides an enhanced fglwsdl tool that is able to generate 4GL data types from an XML schema. The data types can then be used in your application to be serialized or deserialized in XML. The resulting XML is a valid instance of that XML schema, and validation with a XML validator will succeed.


          Four Jís Genero Web Services 2.10.01 works only with the following product versions:
  •       Four Jís Genero BDL 2.10.01
  •       Four Jís Genero Application Server 2.10.05

   Genero Web Client 2.10.06

         New features:

      This release embeds a new rendering engine, based on templates and snippets, that allows the generated
      HTML to be customized. GWC offers three levels of customization: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

      The legacy built-in rendering engine is still available but will no longer evolve.
      Your new application deployment should be based on the new rendering engine.

      GWC 2.10.06 also includes additional new features
  • Multiple dialogs support
  • New Widgets support (SpinEdit, Slider, TimeEdit, ProgressBar...)
  • FGL_GETFILE and FGL_PUTFILE (aka files transfer)
  • Single Sign On and DVM impersonation is now available.

         Corrected bugs:

      A lot of bugs are now classified as fixed because of the new rendering engine.
      These bugs will not be fixed in the legacy engine.
   Release Notes

       For more details about a Four Jís product, check the productís release notes in the directory :

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