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Author Topic: [ANNOUNCE] Genero Enterprise 4.01 - GMA and GBC Maintenance Release  (Read 800 times)
Christine R.
Four Js
Posts: 366

« on: December 06, 2022, 02:43:51 pm »

 Genero 4.01 Maintenance Release

Four Js is pleased to announce a Maintenance Release of
  • Genero Mobile for Android Client 4.01.03
  • Genero Browser Client 4.01.08

Known issue for GMA 4.01.03
When building a package with the Android Debug Package set, you may get an error.
To solve it :
  • select the 'Android' Environment Set in the Genero Configuration
  • Uncheck it and duplicate it
  • Select the new "Android_2" environment set, check it and rename it at your convenience.
  • Edit the 'GMADIR' Environment Variable, set the directory of the Genero Mobile
    for Android 4.01.03.
  • Edit the 'KEYSTORE_KEY_ALIAS' Environment Variable, set 'AndroidDebugKey'.
  • Validate you changes with the 'Ok' button

This version includes the following fixes

It is now downloadable from the website:

All Four Js Genero customers under maintenance have free access to the new release.

Best regards,

Four Js Development Tools
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