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Author Topic: is there a Genero BDL ctags equivalent for VIM on Linux?  (Read 532 times)
Francois G.
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« on: August 29, 2023, 01:49:18 pm »


When I develop  code on a Linux computer, is  there a way to index functions, modules, variables and other identifiers for quick search when the source code is spread over about a million lines of code / PER, with multiple folders and subfolders, and very many applications (MAIN functions)?

Currently only Visual Studio Code lets me search and find what I need, but some colleagues are more comfortable with VIM: how can they get a useful search, and possibly auto-complete?
For languages such as C and C++, there is the ctags tool that works well with VIM.  Is there a similar tool for the Genero BDL?  Do I need to write one from scratch?

This is assuming also that the Genero Studio GUI is not an option.

Reuben B.
Four Js
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« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2023, 02:49:15 pm »

Have you seen
For vim, syntax highlighting, code completion, goto definition, jump to tags.

I suspect the tags is dependent on using IMPORT FGL rather than linking.

I was first exposed to 4gl in the mid 90's (ie pre IMPORT FGL) and we had tags using vi then to navigate around our code.  From memory the compilation process and/or a make option built up the tags file from our Makefile equivalents as this contained the information as to what 4gl were in an individual program 

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