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Author Topic: Ask Reuben 51 - GST - False Positive False Negative Syntax Check  (Read 4460 times)
Reuben B.
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« on: October 15, 2020, 03:46:36 am »

Why does the Genero Studio Code Editor show that my file has a syntax error but when I compile it, it compiles?

Why does my file not compile, but Genero Studio Code Editor indicates the file has no syntax errors?

This is a question that gets asked when there has been a maintenance release for the compiler and runner, but there has been no maintenance release of Genero Studio like there is at the time of writing.  It also gets asked a lot during the Early Access Program program, and also gets asked by those using an out of support release of FGL but using the latest version of Genero Studio. 

The reason the error occurs is that the Genero compiler used for the real time syntax checking is NOT the Genero compiler that is used for your compilation.  For performance reasons Genero Studio comes complete with some special editions of the compiler that are used for functionality that Genero Studio requires such as the real time syntax checking.  After every keystroke you type in the code editor, this version of the compiler is being called rapidly to update the real time syntax checking.  The performance improvement from this design decision is most noticeable with a remote Genero Studio configuration.  If we did not do this and instead used the same remote Genero installation you were using for the actual compile, then there would be a LOT of network traffic as the unsaved code you were editing was shipped across the network on every keystroke and the compilation results sent back to update the real time syntax checking.  As it is going across the network then the response time is also not as quick as if it was compiled locally.  So there is this optimisation process using a local version of the compiler that is installed into Genero Studio that means there is no network traffic and allows the code editor to respond quicker.  If you had a local Genero Studio configuration it would still be an improvement as amongst other things it is not checking your license.

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