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Author Topic: Ask Reuben 24 - Dynamic Dialogs  (Read 1818 times)
Reuben B.
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« on: May 15, 2020, 07:02:11 am »

Dynamic Dialogs allow you to implement generic code where the data structure is not known at compile time, and the generic code can be reused for many different data structures.  This can encourage re-use and make your application more consistent and your code base simpler and easier to maintain.

The repository fgl_zoom makes heavy use of Dynamic Dialogs.  With a list of columns from a SELECT SQL statement, it uses this as the starting point to dynamically build a CONSTRUCT so that the user can perform a Query By Example to add a WHERE clause to this SQL statement, and then to dynamically build a DISPLAY ARRAY to display the result-set of the SQL statement and allow the user to select a row (or rows)

In this article I introduce the key methods in defining and executing a Dynamic Dialog, and then shows where they are used with reference to fgl_zoom.


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