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Author Topic: New document generation feature in 2.20  (Read 6654 times)
Scott N.
Posts: 12

« on: August 04, 2008, 06:41:02 am »

I know this feature ( is still experimental but I would like to ask a couple of questions concerning it.

1. Given that the keywords follow the javadoc/doxygen format of @code, @param etc. could I suggest that instead of #+ for the documentation comments the javadoc standard be followed instead, i.e.


2. Will embedded HTML be allowed in the documentation the same way as it currently is in javadoc/doxygen?

3. Are there plans to support some of the other javadoc/doxygen tags like @deprecated, @author etc.

4. In the generated documentation will the types of the parameters and return variables be specified?

I'm particularly interested in this as I am currently writing a document generator for 4GL code on sourcefourjs (the basics are in the subversion repository) and would like to keep consistency with what Four J's provides.


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