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Author Topic: [ANNOUNCE] Genero Studio 2.0 - Beta Program 2  (Read 6734 times)
Christine R.
Four Js
Posts: 414

« on: February 07, 2008, 05:04:48 pm »

   EAP Program Announcement
   Genero Studio 2.00 Beta 2

     We are pleased to announce that Genero Studio v2.00 Beta 2 packages are now available in the EAP download area.


     General product
  • The qtconfig utility has been included in the GNU/Linux packages to be able to configure fonts.
  • Correction of tab order in preferences and in the Project Manager advanced properties
  • The "File->New" dialog no longer displays disabled actions.
  • The History preferences page now shows history label instead of name.
  • Correction of some dialogs to have correct size in high DPIs
  • The SCH file import has been added in file actions
  • The tab caption is now visible if no icon is provided
  • Tthe size of floating windows is saved and restored when opening Genero Studio again
  • Consideration of the localhost ip provided for gdc configuration in all the tasks related with gdc like GSPreviewPerTask, GSPreview42fTask and GSRunTask.
  • Correction of the focus problems in "File->New dialog".
  • Icon size is now adapted to screen dpi settings.
  • Horizontal scrollBar appear when path is too long in OpenWorkspace dialog
  • The "refreshAll" toolButton has been added in the mini toolbar of Host Configuration
  • Fix of the Menu layout issue on Linux
  • Forbid docking on top area and restore previous dock position when double-clicking on floating dock window
  • Fix of drag and drop in model structure view on Linux
  • Fix of drag copy / drag move bug on Linux
  • Multiple links per help context now possible

    Project Manager
  • Icons are now visible depending on the file type in Dependencies and Save as... as in the project view
  • Import project dialog has been added
  • Directory import is now possible
  • Pre/post link/compile settings dialog page has been added.
  • A new environment variables settings dialog page has been added to replace property
  • Multiple drives in a workspace on Windows are now handled
  • New "Save-As" action
  • Command line arguments property is now available for application nodes
  • File nodes renaming now renames the file on disk
  • Build now saves opened document
  • Display of the default action (which is the open action) as bold in Project Manager

    Form Designer
  • The default widget for SMALLINT is spinedit (line integer)
  • Fix of incorrect gsform exit number
  • Data control now allows the positioning of the created object

    Application Generator
  • Building Application Generator modules from the Project Manager no more fails when the Application Generator module is closed
  • Dialog and zoom modules can be generated from the Project Manager
  • Fix of the foreign key issues
  • Zooms can now be generated.
  • Avoid possible crash if config is broken, and file action for 4gl not found.
  • Fix of the issue when switching from default Primary Key to user defined
  • The dragging has beed disabled in module and program dialog

   Database Manager
  • Dot and dash is now allowed in ODBC names
  • New option to extract system tables in database schema wizard
  • New option to ignore table errors in database schema wizard
  • Database preference page has been removed as all options are now in the wizard
  • Wrong wizard page was displayed when creating a database connection with statically linked runner
  • Fix of the problem when importing a schema extracted with a database connection from server
  • Pre-selection of the correct engine when editing a connection

   Code Editor
  • Use Preprocessing flag according to Project Compiler flags and Global Setting
  • Use Compiler flags defined in the Project.
  • Response time for large files (>10000 lines) has been optimized.
  • Fix of Indent Block
  • Fix of the problem while loading large binary files

   File Browser
  • Display of the default action as bold in File browser

     Problems fixed:

     General product
  • bz#6403: Browser panel resized when undocked
  • Bz#8811: Button 'Apply' enabled/disabled state in Genero Configuration
  • Bz#9037: Right click on framework buttons triggers the corresponding actions
  • Bz#9185: Status shown is not 'ok' for Genero Installation
  • Bz#9197: User actions variable replacement not working in some cases
  • Bz#9199: Unexpected 'File path error' on preview while file is on mounted drive
  • Bz#9206: 'Configure' opens with the wrong GDC selected
  • Bz#9213: 'Search' doesn't work as expected in preferences
  • Bz#9222: GDC path becomes blank on adding local GDC after adding a remote one
  • Bz#9278: Dock view 'Structure' is seen duplicated in menu 'Window-views'
  • Bz#9288: Unexpected behaviour on defining GDC path
  • Bz#9290: Default accelerator bolding not well handled
  • Bz#9312: Cannot properly set IP address as 'Host' in GDC configuration
  • Bz#9333: Drag and drop is allowed in output panel
  • Bz#9372: Cannot edit 'fglprofile' in Genero Studio (Code Editor)
  • Bz#9374: Missing horizontal scrollbar on the 'Properties' panel
  • Bz#9377: GST crash on deleting new added file type
  • Bz#9384: User action disappears from menu after editing

     Code Editor
  • Bz#9193: 'Set breakpoint' contextual option doesn't switch to appropriate module.
  • Bz#9212: Need to double-click twice on module to display functions.
  • Bz#9114: No success message on compiling valid .4gl file.
  • Bz#9496: GST Crashes after checking/unchecking the Text Style check boxes.
  • Bz#9486: GST random crash on error selection in Output tab.
  • Bz#9271: GST crash on clicking bookmarks button with new document.
  • Bz#9137: Same accelerator key for different options in Bookmarks management
  • Bz#9142: Bookmarks not easily reachable in certain cases
  • Bz#9144: tab sequence not well handled in the 'Settings' dialog
  • Bz#9165: 'Search for' doesn't work as expected when several occurences
  • Bz#9183: Error mark hidden when 'Underline errors' unchecked
  • Bz#9189: Unexpected resizing possibility for CE documents
  • Bz#9221: Database error still shown after extracting corresponding schema
  • Bz#9227: Current line not highlighted in some cases
  • Bz#9238: Unexpected error message when opening a file with restricted permissions
  • Bz#9246: Unexpected error message on trying to save a file with inappropriate permissions
  • Bz#9271: GST crash on clicking bookmarks button with new document.
  • Bz#9291: Code Editor color preferences badly displayed
  • Bz#9307: GSPE crash on pressing <Enter> key after collapsing the program block
  • Bz#9314: Toolbar icon and shortcut missing for 'Find' option
  • Bz#9320: Infinite switching TAB
  • Bz#9375: Unexpected errors shown for valid HTML files
  • Bz#9383: 'Search in selection' doesn't work
  • Bz#9386: Cannot create files with no extension.
  • Bz#9416: Contextual option 'Remove Search Results Folder' doesn't work
  • Bz#9418: GST crash on deleting keyword while scope is being recalculated
  • Bz#9419: Unexpected warning message on duplicated symbol definition for fgl.4gl
  • Bz#9422: Some macro action icons are enabled when there is no macro
  • Bz#9425: Cannot navigate with arrow left/right in code templates
  • Bz#9385: Remove 'New document file extension' in CE preferences

     Application Generator
  • Bz#9273: GST crash on ending the new program creation wizard.
  • Bz#9469: GST crash after deleting new generated AG files from project.

     Project Manager
  • Bz#9133: Cannot provide command line arguments for application execution
  • Bz#9323: Unexpected error message on building "old" project
  • Bz#9371: Filter for string resource files missing in the 'Add files' browser window
  • Bz#9322: v1.x workspace files loading problems due to missing encoding
  • Bz#9260: FGLSOURCEPATH is not set correctly
  • Bz#9022: Cannot import an existing project

     Database Manager
  • Bz#7567: Synonym tables not taken into account when creating a schema
  • Bz#7993: Inconsistence for the icons in the 'Save sch file' dialog window
  • Bz#8007: Adding the information whether fields allow NULL or not in database schema
  • Bz#9315: Same icon for 'delete schema' and 'delete connection'

    Form Designer
  • Bz#6224: Message FD[22] raised when there is enough space for the alignment
  • Bz#7004: Undo not well handled after changing column width on multi column selection
  • Bz#7141: Container MFArray cannot be well moved or selected in some cases
  • Bz#7154: For a new form where the size was modified, closing it doesn't ask for save
  • Bz#7601: Width of HLine not well rendered in UI
  • Bz#7721: GroupBox icon doesn't stay selected when double-clicking on it
  • Bz#7898: Imported widgets from data source shouldn't be added to an existing container
  • Bz#7904: Bad selection on embedded PageControls when clicking on error in output panel
  • Bz#7915: 'undo' and 'redo' stack is emptied prematurely
  • Bz#8259: Multiple selection lost in form structure in the browser panel
  • Bz#8377: Multi-selection on TABLE columns doesn't work well in certain circumstances
  • Bz#8457: Property 'databaseName' changed on closing/escaping warning message
  • Bz#8472: Property 'columnName' not set properly after changing 'data'
  • Bz#8822: Containers in layout draws bad image when hit Form Border
  • Bz#8841: Unexpected error message on undo/redo after drawing a DB field
  • Bz#8881: Undo-Redo button status is not proper while switiching between opened forms
  • Bz#8938: Bad folder selection when embedded folders
  • Bz#8970: Value of 'posY' is not consistent in PropertyPanel and toolTip
  • Bz#8987: Inconsistence in form name and/or form title
  • Bz#8991: Table Column selection is not as expected after switching from ScreenRecord tab
  • Bz#9005: Width of form Structure panel depends on text displayed on widgets
  • Bz#9029: Paste option is enabled in contextMenu of widget
  • Bz#9038: Multiple selection in form structure view is not preserved on opening contextMenu
  • Bz#9101: Inconsistence in error message displayed in 'Errors' tab
  • Bz#9118: Top/Bottom align does not work in second halve of the form
  • Bz#9148: Unexpected line drawing is seen inside parent container while dropping child element
  • Bz#9190: Unexpected change in value of x-y position after form switching
  • Bz#9256: Delete of HRec is not possible after Undo-Redo due to multiselection of Form & HRec
  • Bz#9265: Inconsistant undo-redo for delete layout
  • Bz#9270: Crash when changing value of databaseName property of  DBForm which has a nonexisting schema
  • Bz#9301: 'gsform' doesn't give any error on compiling invalid .4fd...
  • Bz#9302: Message mod-fd[130] displayed twice on 'undo'
  • Bz#9331: Default 'Save' directory is not the expected one
  • Bz#9354: GST crash after importing several .per files in FD
  • Bz#9359: Property 'widget' set to unexpected value
  • Bz#9370: Cannot open 4fd on command line without specifying absolute path
  • Bz#9380: Wrong .per file generated on compilation
  • Bz#9381: Bad selection in Form Structure after 'undo' on TABLE deletion
  • Bz#9382: GST crash on 'undo' after changing widget inside PageControl
  • Bz#9395: 'tableName' and 'columnName' reinitialized when table column changed to alias
  • Fz#2143: Add a way to get the real DB column order in the create form wizard
  • Fz#2238: Add an option to 'gsform' to extract localized messages

        How to subscribe

   If you are not yet subscribed to the Beta program you can still ask to be : you must have a Four J's web site
   account ("My Account") that enables access to privileged technical information.
  • Go on our website
  • Log in my account
  • In the back right corner of the home page you have a link named "Early Access Programs"
    Click on "Subscribe"

     Four J's will send you an acknowledgment of your subscription.   

     We appreciate your interest in pre-release access to our products, and value your feedback. Thank you for your
     participation in this important phase of our product development.

     Best Regards,

     The Four Jís Genero Studio team
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