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Author Topic: Ask Reuben 40 - Right Justified Labels  (Read 4615 times)
Reuben B.
Four Js
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« on: July 30, 2020, 05:10:46 am »

To understand why your right justified field labels may not right align as intended, it is first necessary to have an understanding of

    fonts, and the concept of monospaced fonts, and proportional fonts.
    how field labels inside a .per are compiled as a LABEL widget with a posX and gridWidth property.

A font has the property that it is either monospaced or proportional.  A monospaced font has the property that each character takes up the same amount of space.  A proportional font has the property that each character will take up a different amount of space.  Typically i is the narrowest, whilst M or W are the widest.

When compiling raw text inside a Genero form, a LABEL is created that has a posX and gridWidth property.  If a proportional font is used, then two words with the same posX and gridWidth values are not guaranteed to end in the same position.  As a result whilst the developer might have intended this raw text to right align, there is no guarantee that they will.

The solution is to explicitly define a LABEL and use the JUSTIFY=RIGHT property.  Explicitly defining a LABEL also has other advantages.


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