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Author Topic: TABLE - incorrect redrawing of cells  (Read 7338 times)
Ernest D.
Posts: 18

« on: June 23, 2020, 07:19:51 am »


we have a problem with the redrawing of cells in the TABLE.
This problem ocured with GDC 3.20.12. If we used version GDC 3.20.11, the problem does not ucurred.

Step 1.    Reset to Defaults
Step 2.    Reset Sort Order
Step 3.    Push key END on keybord (not use scroll via mouse)

See the video:

Interestingly, the problem does not occur in the TABLE where we use the summary line.

fglrun -V
fglrun 3.20.09 rev-1c71cff0
Genero virtual machine
Target l64xl212

Genero Desktop Client
Version 3.20.12 build-202003191410
Target w32v141

Best regards,
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