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Author Topic: Excel data shifting across a column  (Read 5602 times)
Frances W.
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« on: June 01, 2018, 03:14:11 pm »

Sometimes when we produce Excel reports, the data that was in a certain column will be shifted across a column. E.g. data that was in column D for the first 20 lines of the report will be shifted to column E, with all subsequent columns shifted across one cell and D left empty. This happens infrequently but in multiple reports and won't happen on most datasets, making it difficult to reproduce when it is reported. There is no clear cause in the data (e.g. it does not happen only when there is a null value in the data).

I've attached a .4rp that caused this issue for one user, and an example of the issue they provided. From line 3263, data in columns C-K have been shifted across to D-L respectively. This applies to the OnEveryRow data and AfterGroup data. The BeforeGroup data starts to shift at column D - the header in column C remains in Column C, with no data in column D.

(When I first tried to post it errored due to the attachment size. I created the zip file to solve this, but when I hit post again, it errored saying that the post had already been created. I looked for the post but couldn't find it. So I created the post again in a new tab. Apologies if this created a double post.)

* (113.25 KB - downloaded 627 times.)
Alex G.
Four Js
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« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2018, 05:35:59 pm »

Hi Frances,

if it happens with null values then you might be experiencing bug GRE-661 "Excel output: Empty columns are ignored making vertical alignment corrupted".
If it happens otherwise then you might be having the issues because your group headers change the tabulation from page to page. Why this happens and how to deal with it is explained in the documentation here:
If you create a pdf document of this very output than I can take a look at it and propose how to fix it.

Best regards,

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