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Author Topic: Is there a way to globally define a tooltip / hint message for textedit fields  (Read 4883 times)
Judy S.
Posts: 18

« on: July 25, 2017, 10:44:28 pm »

We put in the "integradedSearch" option for textedit fields in our global style file. Now I want to let users know that they can press Control-F when they are editing a textedit field. Is there a way to globally define a message when the user is in the textedit field, like a mouseover/hover-over action, that shows the user they can press Control-F to search? I do not want to change all screen forms that have textedits and manually put it this in the COMMENT attribute, nor do I want to modify all our 4gl files to add a MESSAGE statemetn. Maybe is there something in FGLPROFILE or some other configuration file? I didn't see any style attribute for this.

Thank you.
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