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Author Topic: [ANNOUNCE] New Maintenance Release of Genero 2.11  (Read 7268 times)
Christine R.
Four Js
Posts: 414

« on: June 05, 2008, 12:01:11 pm »

   Maintenance Release Announcement
   Genero 2.11

     We are pleased to announce the availability of a new Maintenance Release of Genero Business
     Development Language 2.11, including the following packages:
  •   Genero Business Development Language 2.11.03
  •   Genero Desktop Client 2.11.03
  •   Genero Web Services 2.11.02
  •   Genero Application Server/Genero Web Client 2.11.08

   This version is now downloadable from the web site :

   Genero Business Development Language 2.11.03

         Problems fixed :
  • 10314 : Active attribute of Dialog node is not reset to 1 after a sub-dialog and a call to fgl_set_arr_curr().
  • 10308 : Invalid precision with SQL Server SNC driver when CHAR(3000) used.
  • 9462 : Crash when INPUT ARRAY are only on LABELs in a DIALOG block with FIELD ORDER FORM.
  • 9472 : MENU with multiple COMMANDs using same text fails with FGL_USENDIALOG.
  • 10261 : Invalid value displayed when entering a field with PICTURE with decimal separator.
  • 10224 : ON CHANGE is executed twice when target variable value is changed by program.
  • 10223 : With FGL_USENDIALOG, focus of current window is lost when resizing parent window.

   Genero Desktop Client 2.11.03

         Problems fixed :
  • Fixes FGLTTY defaults when no option is specified (protocol is SSH, port)
  • For SSH : you can now choose if you want the command to be sent directly at connection or once connected (this creates a login shell).
  • 10302 : Enter key of the numeric keypad is not working as "ok" shortcut in login box
  • 10278 : Keyboard ACCELERATOR may be sent twice in some situations
  • 10195 : GDC doesn't read config.xml if it contains an encoding header
  • 10296 : In certain situations, window might be "moved" partly out of the screen
  • 10288 : Shortcut edition : some password options are available whereas they shouldn't be

   Genero Web Services 2.11.02

         Problems fixed :
  • 10286 : On Windows, fglwsdl displays an error when FGLDIR is set to a path with white spaces
  • 10360 : Saving XML document under cygwin fails when library was compiled with VC8

   Genero Application Server/Genero Web Client 2.11.08

         Migration notes from 2.11 earlier version to 2.11.08 :

       The KEEP_LAST_PAGE option
       This option was available in the BDS Web Front End and until this release was not available in Genero. Genero GWC 2.11 now reintroduces
       this "Keep Last Page" feature. If you have customized the Genero 'main.xhtml' rendering file, you will need to modify it to keep
      your previous behavior. For more on this topic, refer to the GAS manual: "How to Keep the Last Page Displayed". See online documentation.

         Problems fixed :
  • 5197 : Gasd hangs when XMLHTTPRequest sends incomplete request
  • 7083 : Data cleared when canceling a dialog
  • 10169 : Safari only: problem with right alignment on button
  • 10231 : Maxlength attribute does not work for EDIT fields
  • 10239 : Engine crash when modifying a snippet
  • 10247 : Get error "the identifier doesn't match a valid folder page identifier" when changing folder
  • 10319 : Access to a file transfer URL after the file transfer timeout crash gasd
  • 10329 : GASD may crash after the sequence RUN, RUN, CLOSE
  • 10300 : The GAS process may crash when a GWC session timed out with more than one VM attached
  • 10330 : Page up Page down not working in Multiple dialog if focus is initially in an input field
  • 10349 : Support the KEEP_LAST_PAGE feature
  • 10367 : Menu Style Dialog does not work when ringMenuPosition=none
  • 10368 : The name of a Menu Style=dialog is not on the popup

    Best regards,

    Four J's Development tools
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