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Title: [ANNOUNCE] Genero Studio 2.0 - Beta Program 4
Post by: Christine R. on March 20, 2008, 06:13:25 pm
   EAP Program Announcement
   Genero Studio 2.00 Beta 4

     We are pleased to announce that Genero Studio v2.00 Beta 4 packages are now available in the EAP download area.

     Problems fixed:

     General product
  • Bz#9002: Bad synchronization between panels/views of a same module
  • Bz#6758: Genero Studio Preferences: Inconsistence on the 'Apply' button
  • Bz#9014: Inconsistency in current opened documents list
  • Bz#9141: Inconsistency in list view contextual menu displaying
  • Bz#9158: Inconsistency in the 'Mount point' dialog
  • Bz#9163: Cannot check environment sets with space bar
  • Bz#9170: Unexpected error message when starting server if port already in use
  • Bz#9202: Icons missing/inadapted on different commands/options
  • Bz#9292: GST Crash on scrolling the Word Delimiter list in CE display preferences
  • Bz#9373: Action 'Open in Code Editor' missing for all file types
  • Bz#9438: Cannot activate screen item with keyboard on errors in output tab
  • Bz#9514: Unexpected behaviours when many remote configurations
  • Bz#9523: GST Crash on Selecting same duplicate remote Genero Installation
  • Bz#9593: 'Add Remote Genero Installation' enabled on unreachable hosts
  • Bz#9613: Useless 'cancel' button in warning message 'mod-pm2[PMOpenedWithWarnings]'
  • Bz#9614: Double-click on items has no effect
  • Bz#9615: Buttons unexpectedly enabled in 'Genero Hosts Management'
  • Bz#9642: Enter key inactive in the 'Edit path list' dialog
  • Bz#9643: Browse for FGL/GDC path always opens in GSTDIR
  • Bz#9677: Up/Down buttons for the Env. sets are enabled unexpectedly
  • Bz#9681: Inappropriate icon for 'Browse for Folder' in 'Edit Path' window
  • Bz#9689: 'Validate Path' doesn't validate remote path for mount point
  • Bz#9694: Name of active application truncated
  • Bz#9696: Typos in tooltips of the 'Environment sets' panel
  • Bz#9710: Drag&drop doesn't work in 'Toolbars' and 'Menus' preferences
  • Bz#9722: Unexpected behaviour when no GDC configuration is set
  • Bz#9724: Refresh issues when switching between active documents with 'ctrl-tab'
  • Bz#9731: Cursor set to hourglass when adding Grid as a child of Grid with DataControl Wizard
  • Bz#9758: SYS errors badly parsed
  • Bz#9783: Tooltips missing on many control buttons
  • Bz#9784: 'Ctrl-tab' doesn't behave as expected to switch between opened documents
  • Bz#9795: Cannot properly stop running application using command 'Stop'
  • Bz#9798: 'Extracted schemas paths history' seen several times in history list
  • Bz#9804: GST crash after changing remote Genero installation FGLDIR
  • Bz#9805: Unexpected failure message in Output pannel after preview
  • Bz#9815: Clear output settings not taken into account
  • Bz#9823: Can't create empty workspace after creating workspace from template
  • Bz#9825: 'No extension' file types saved by default with extension 4gl
  • Bz#9858: Export Profile in accelerator preferences does not work
  • Bz#9867: Scrollbars are not provided in all GST modules
  • Bz#9890: Message 'MW_9' still listed in the messages list but inactive
  • Bz#9944: File Browser font preferences unexpectedly changed on 'tab'

    Code Editor
  • Bz#7768: GWS extensions cannot be loaded in 4gl file
  • Bz#8199: Bookmarks lost on a new file when saving
  • Bz#8240: 'Symbol definition' doesn't behave as expected in some situations
  • Bz#8260: Warning message TE[2] displayed several times when importing directory with no write permissions
  • Bz#8276: Mouse cursor becomes invisible when moving across certain areas
  • Bz#9269: Print dialog needs to be reviewed
  • Bz#9275: Control buttons missing on document opened in CE
  • Bz#9707: Unexpected characters displayed after applying modified template
  • Bz#9708: 'Ctrl-x' doesn't work in code template editor
  • Bz#9754: No warning/confirmation message on macros deletion
  • Bz#9756: Inappropriate tooltip on button 'new' in bookmark view
  • Bz#9799: Open contextual menu at cursor position when triggered from keyboard
  • Bz#9801: 'Escape' clears the 'Print' dialog
  • Bz#9838: F3 performs a 'replace', based on previous search
  • Bz#9841: Undo enabled when opening new template file
  • Bz#9865: 'Hide preprocessor view' contextual option available in Preprocessed content view

    Application Generator
  • Bz#8671: Window truncated in 'Edit interface' wizard
  • Bz#9553: Unexpected drag&drop drives to invalid table structure in Wizard
  • Bz#9653: Two 'Browse' buttons are seen in AG wizard ('Form Structure Information')
  • Bz#9664: Improve state of control buttons in AG wizard
  • Bz#9666: GST crash on selecting .4mx file as source to create zoom module
  • Bz#9690: 'Add interface' wizard is too small
  • Bz#9695: 'Options' tab needs to be reviewed
  • Bz#9747: Last visited path history not well kept in AG wizards
  • Bz#9760: Bad file filter in the 'Search the source for the program' browser
  • Bz#9820: Can't select module from current project
  • Bz#9821: Lists in Module/Program Structure View doesn't use GST standards

    Project Manager
  • Bz#9064: Invalid file path shown in Project Manager
  • Bz#9309: No link done on 'Build' after adding a new file
  • Bz#9557: PM contextual menu not displayed or incomplete while debugging
  • Bz#9602: Bad order for items in contextual menu
  • Bz#9629: New Project icon gets disabled after undo operation
  • Bz#9647: Copy/paste of project nodes creates copies with same names
  • Bz#9735: GST crash when deleting a project node
  • Bz#9766: Cannot stop building/compiling an application
  • Bz#9768: Maximum number of erroneous files before stop compiling is too high
  • Bz#9777: Inappropriate output message when building empty projects
  • Bz#9803: Order of project nodes not the same in all views
  • Bz#9807: Cannot create new form files (.4fd) from 'File-New' contextual menu
  • Bz#9824: Cannot save empty projects or projects created from template
  • Bz#9851: 'Exclude directories' doesn't work during 'Import' process if several folders specified
  • Bz#9853: Remote Build/Rebuild/Execute of PM application does not ask for remote save
  • Bz#9860: Cannot open selected file using keyboard
  • Bz#9870: GST crash on close while import project is in process
  • Bz#9884: Save dialog doesn't append extension to AG files and form files

    Database Manager
  • Bz#6527: Expand/collapse buttons enabled in schema view even if no child
  • Bz#8402: Chinese characters not well displayed in the test connection pop-up
  • Bz#9576: Shortcut for 'Reload current schema' not coherent
  • Bz#9769: Inappropriate warning message when trying to create existing remote schema
  • Bz#9771: GST Crash on refreshing connections in Database browser
  • Bz#9886: Cannot delete database connection containing Chinese characters
  • Bz#9907: Database driver unexpectedly reinitialized when reloading schema

    Form Designer
  • Bz#6529: Shortcuts 'Ctrl+Alt+E' and 'Ctrl+Alt+F' create an Edit
  • Bz#7071: Wrong index for widget IMAGE in an HRec on 'undo'
  • Bz#7231: Widgets in hrec not seen after 'Paste' and 'undo/redo'
  • Bz#7488: Bad selection when increasing the width of a radio button inside an HRec
  • Bz#7491: Widgets cannot be properly resized inside an HRec (inside a container)
  • Bz#7605: Width of HRec cannot be changed after importing the form
  • Bz#7744: Hrec/spacer unexpected behavior after message FD[75]
  • Bz#7940: Strange behaviour when right clicking while dragging widget outside its container
  • Bz#7985: No accelerators for new widgets added in Genero 2
  • Bz#7992: Right and bottom margin settings not taken into account for MFArray
  • Bz#8239: No visual sign informing that the current file has been modified
  • Bz#8252: Invalid .per file generated on preview
  • Bz#8261: Unexpected blank space seen inside HRec after resizing child element
  • Bz#8535: Selection inconsistency between Form and Browser panel
  • Bz#8665: Unexpected behaviours for multi-selection with TABLE column and other widget
  • Bz#8801: Inconsistent behaviour on empty name handling for toolbar/topmenu
  • Bz#8823: Spacers not seen any longer in HRec after complete 'undo/redo'
  • Bz#8880: PageControl height resizing not proper after drawing MFArray inside
  • Bz#8997: Value of property 'gridWidth' for HRec not consistent
  • Bz#9025: HRec badly resized after drawing any widget inside it
  • Bz#9041: 'Add Column' doesn't work although it is enabled
  • Bz#9046: HRec badly resized after changing property 'gridWidth'
  • Bz#9050: 'Edit Text' contextual option not available on multi-selection
  • Bz#9256: Cannot delete HRec after Undo-Redo (unexpected multiselection of Form & HRec)
  • Bz#9420: Undo/redo doesn't keep proper history on changing field property 'data'
  • Bz#9441: Unexpected resizing of HRec after undo
  • Bz#9547: Multiple selection not kept in form structure view in certain cases
  • Bz#9573: Form not selected in design view after 'Cut' operation
  • Bz#9574: Bad selection on PageControl while 'Ctrl' key pressed
  • Bz#9595: Message 'Error - mod-fd[62]' for remote compilation needs to be reviewed
  • Bz#9725: GridHeight for Edit not set as expected after changing it from TextEdit
  • Bz#9733: Style file not properly loaded when opened from 'Style' tab
  • Bz#9738: Cannot save new empty form files
  • Bz#9740: GST crash on closing form from structure view in case of multiselection
  • Bz#9744: GST crash on creating MFArray through data control in certain cases
  • Bz#9746: Warning message 'mod-fd[132]' needs to be reviewed
  • Bz#9757 HRec selection not consistent in form structure view and form design view
  • Bz#9763: Cannot directly draw FormField Labels on multiple lines
  • Bz#9764: SPINEDIT toolbar button remains pressed
  • Bz#9778: Unexpected result on Undo/Redo after creating Table using DataControl
  • Bz#9789: GridWidth of pasted container increased by 1 in certain cases
  • Bz#9791: Table column gridWidth not consistent in form design view and property table
  • Bz#9810: Warning message 'mod-fd[30]' (Insufficient height) displayed twice
  • Bz#9812: Control buttons enabled unexpectedly in the Data Control wizard
  • Bz#9817: Property 'gridWidth' not set as expected on undo operation
  • Bz#9826: Crash on 'undo' after drawing HRec around widgets
  • Bz#9830: Resizing child widgets of HRec is not as expected
  • Bz#9845: GST crash while drawing HRec in specific cases
  • Bz#9847: Selection of child widgets of Hrec not consistent in form structure and design views
  • Bz#9848: Spacer separated from parent HRec in certain cases
  • Bz#9854: HRec badly displayed after copy&paste of its parent container
  • Bz#9859: HRec truncated if drawn too close to form border
  • Bz#9879: Confusion in Screen Records when editing several forms
  • Bz#9883: Hrec validation without parent container gives inappropriate error message
  • Bz#9894: GST crash on changing widget of pasted element
  • Bz#9905: Page properties unexpectedly changed to child properties
  • Bz#9910: Unexpected error message on opening default 2.10 style file

    File Browser
  • Bz#6572: Need to press 'Delete' key twice to delete a new folder
  • Bz#9057: No default actions for executable files (.exe, .bat)
  • Bz#9713: Cannot overwrite existing files on drag&drop
  • Bz#9797: GST crash on closing File Browser after creating new file/folder

    Graphical Debugger
  • Bz#7213: Bad fglrunner not detected gives incorrect error message
  • Bz#9787: Module variable view not well updated
  • Bz#9808: 'Cut', 'copy' and 'paste' allowed in 'Data' Local variables
  • Bz#9855: 'Set Breakpoint Condition' dialog does not work

  • Bz#9765: Help Button in 'File Type selection' dialog doesn't work
  • Bz#9806: Help Button in 'Duplicate Profile' dialog doesn't work
  • Bz#9876: Typo in the 'User Interface Preferences' Help title bar

     How to subscribe

   If you have not subscribed yet to the Beta program you can still ask to subscribe: you must have a Four J's web site account ("My Account") that
   enables access to privileged technical information.

  • Go on our website
  • Log in my account
  • In the back right corner of the home page you have a link named "Early Access Programs"
    Click on "Subscribe"

   Four J's will send you an acknowledgment of your subscription.   

   We appreciate your interest in pre-release access to our products, and value your feedback. Thank you for your
   participation in this important phase of our product development.

   Best Regards,

   The Four Jís Genero Studio team