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Title: Maintenance Release Genero BDL and Genero Web Services 2.10
Post by: Olivier E. on March 06, 2008, 11:23:32 am
   Maintenance Release Announcement

                    Maintenance Release Genero 2.10.05

     We are pleased to announce the general availability of the Genero Business Development Language 2.10 Maintenance Release, including the following packages:

  •    Genero 2.10.05
  •    Genero Web Services 2.10.05

   Genero 2.10.05

  • Bug fixes implemented in this release are as follows:

    • 2505   : With Oracle, INSERT with the value -1 for SERIAL gives the wrong SQLCA.SQLERRD[2] on the next INSERT.   
    • 5350   : fglrun must throw an error if the multiple definitions of a GLOBAL variable differ.   
    • 5579   : Compiler crashes when schema file has the wrong format.   
    • 5603   : DialogType is not refreshed well when you execute a DISPLAY ARRAY after an INPUT.   
    • 6066   : In a REPORT,  if TOP OF PAGE prints "^L", the page-eject sequence is doubled.   
    • 6393   : In a REPORT, TOP OF PAGE appears twice when use PAUSE and redirect stdout (standard output) to a file.   
    • 6880   : fglform should not ignore error -2029 if the dimension of a screen-array is not specified.   
    • 7092   : In UNBUFFERED mode the dialog is sensitive to program variable changes, but not to the display attributes of cells that were set by initial call to the DIALOG.setCellAttribute() method).   
    • 7460   : IMPORT statement dumps unexpected/incompatible error message.   
    • 7521   : Debugger cause a segmentation fault when executing a watch command on an ARRAY variable type.   
    • 7702   : Call to createFromXmlFile(), with incorrect XML file, doesn't return NULL (the parser accepts invalid characters).   
    • 7707   : Document Type Declaration not created in XML files generated with SaxDocumentHandler.   
    • 8514   : Debugger should print trailing blanks of VARCHARs and STRINGs.   
    • 8526   : If we define a DYNAMIC ARRAY having an ATTRIBUTE defined on the array, and pass this dynamic array to a function that defines the array without the attribute, then we should get a conversion error -1260.   
    • 9268   : Message text "Could not load database driver <driver-name>" of error -6366 is not displayed when driver cannot be loaded.   
    • 9284   : PUT + FROM / EXECUTE + USING with strings or numeric constants gives a SQL error -6372 with Oracle 9.   
    • 9296   : REPORT NEED must print pending PAGE HEADER.   
    • 9376   : Condition string is not cleared when interrupting a CONSTRUCT.   
    • 9388   : Numeric constants without a decimal separator are treated as 4-byte integers.   
    • 9399   : fglcomp must check the dimension within an ARRAY definition.   
    • 9400   : Substring operator must accept integer parameters.   
    • 9403   : The rfmtdev() function does not use the correct format defined by DBMONEY or DBFORMAT.   
    • 9404   : Assignment operator of an INTERVAL must raise error -1265 on overflow.   
    • 9426   : In a REPORT, TOP OF PAGE string is printed with LEFT MARGIN characters when using PAUSE.   
    • 9456   : Second DROP TABLE fails with unknown table name for a temporary table created with dynamic SQL.   
    • 9457   : ON CLOSE APPLICATION not working correctly if CLOSE cancelled.   
    • 9479   : After the installation of Genero BDL, file permissions in FGLDIR are not correct on Unix platforms.   
    • 9490   : fglcomp now detects buffer overflows when generating p-code.   
    • 9541   : String is truncated when using variable to display a value in a CONSTRUCT field.   
    • 9550   : During  special circumstances current row selection can be lost.
    • 9565   : PICTURE characters are not displayed when entering INPUT field.   
    • 9591   : CLEAR FORM must clear all values in the fields displayed and also all attributes.   
    • 9601   : Cannot use the BIT data type of SQL Server.   
    • 9656   : YEAR, MONTH, DAY operators do not return NULL when called with NULL-value-datetime.   
    • 9661   : fgl2p does not support all options of fglcomp and fgllink.   
    • 9662   : fglcomp: Segmentation fault while using option -TX after parse-error.   
    • 9726   : Crash in DISPLAY ARRAY after an initial sorting.   

   Genero Web Services 2.10.05

  • Bug fixes implemented in this release are as follows:

    • 9327   : Fail to serialize a CHAR filled with blanks only   
    • 9406   : Fail to deserialize tags without any content in StAX   
    • 9516   : XML annotations are always generated event if when -comment option is not used.   
    • 9517   : Infinite loop in StAX SOAP header deserialization when receiving an unexpected SOAP header entry.   
    • 9589   : StAX serialization of an empty array sets the closing tag at the wrong position   
    • 9645   : Special characters in attributes are not escaped.   

   Release Notes

       For more details about this Four Jís Maintenance Release, check the productís release notes in the directory : <INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY>/release

     Best regards,

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