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Title: Patch release for Genero 2.10
Post by: Olivier E. on December 11, 2007, 07:06:15 pm
   Patch Release Announcement
   Genero 2.10

                    Patch Release for Genero 2.10

We are pleased to announce the availability of one patch for Genero 2.10 on 2 platforms :

  • for RedHat EL 3, 4, 5 - Suse SLES 9.3, 10 glibc 2.3 x86 32-bit
  • for Microsoft Windows NT2000/XP/2003 Visual C++ 7.1

We invite you to download the packages to this URL :

The list of problem solved in this patch are in the release notes file. First install the package, after this  you will find the release.txt file in the directory :


Please report any problem to your support center.

Best regards,

Four J's Development Tools

Title: Re: Patch release for Genero 2.10
Post by: . on December 11, 2007, 09:10:42 pm
Is it possible to see whats in the patch release without having to download and install the product.

Also where a patch is sent for a limited number of platforms, will there be any indication as to why it has only been sent for a limited number of platforms, or will the other platforms be available in due course.

Title: Re: Patch release for Genero 2.10
Post by: Sebastien F. on December 12, 2007, 09:28:31 am
Actually the summary of changes can be found in:

(not release.txt as written by Olivier)

Detailed changes for each commit/build are logged in:


Here are the changes since build 1138 (first release):

build 1148
Enhancement: fgldbsch extracts now more MySQL types from database schema.
fgldbsch can now extract MySQL *TEXT types as Informix TEXT, *BLOB, BINARY,
types as Informix SMALLINT.

build 1147
Multiple dialogs: DISPLAY ARRAY, INPUT ARRAY: must emulate cursor keys when
changing the current row (via mouse click).

build 1146
bug 9009: Invalid memory read when fetching ROWID values with Oracle.

build 1145
bug 9007: fglrun crash when using FROM "tablename" in dynamic SQL.

build 1144
Changes in AUI attributes definitions:
- 'orientation' default is vertical.
- 'height' and 'width' type is string, not integer.

build 1143
Multiple dialogs: INPUT ARRAY using a table: mouse click into same column,
different row: wrong selection after NEXT FIELD CURRENT or validation error
(changing of current row must be dropped, the current field be selected).

build 1142
bug 8953: The attribute GRIDCHILDRENINPARENT is not allowed for SCROLLGRID.

Product version 2.10.02

build 1141
Merged modifications from build 966.84.

build 1140
Multiple dialogs:
- INPUT ARRAY(COUNT = value): fixed bug if value less then 0.
- ATTRIBUTE(MAXCOUNT=value): if MAXCOUNT is less then COUNT (or getLength())
  the array length will be shrunk to MAXCOUNT. MAXCOUNT=0 is a legal value and
  denies inserting rows into the array.


bug 8981: Internal error when COUNT=-2 in INPUT ARRAY WITHOUT DEFAULTS.

build 1139
Multiple dialogs:
- traditinal DISPLAY ARRAY: keys tab and right work like key down, key left
  works like key up.
- ATTRIBUTE(CANCEL=false) must disable both, CANCEL and CLOSE.

bug 8983: TAB key doesn't work in DISPLAY ARRAY with FGL_USENDIALOG=1


Title: Re: Patch release for Genero 2.10
Post by: Sebastien F. on December 12, 2007, 09:32:03 am
About the limited number of platforms:

Port and QA tests takes time and resources.

We provide Patch Releases for a limited number of platforms to have a better reactivity.

If really needed (blocking bug), we can make a special port for a specific platform on demand.