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Title: GDC Shortcut Editor Is In Modal Mode
Post by: Brad D. on April 14, 2022, 07:04:40 pm
When using the GDC (version 3.20.20) shortcut editor, the editor appears to be in modal mode and does not allow any other GDC related windows (ie. any windows opened through the fglrun command on a backend that talks to this instance of the GDC) to operate.  All windows serviced by this instance of the GDC become totally unresponsive even if they are already opened.  New windows can be opened from the backend but these are also totally unresponsive once opened.

This seems a bit silly to me as editing a shortcut within the GDC has nothing to do with programs running on potentially a completely different server then where the GDC is running and the opened windows should operate normally.

Is there some reason for this type of behaviour?  If not, can this be changed to remove the modal behaviour of the GDC shortcut editor?

Title: Re: GDC Shortcut Editor Is In Modal Mode
Post by: Reuben B. on April 20, 2022, 02:10:37 am
A quick check suggest that this behaviour has always been there and is not a recent change.  Interestingly other dialogs also appear to be modal including About.   Also FGL_WINMESSAGE, which is known that when this uses the System API the resultant window is also Modal and blocks other Genero applications running on same GDC instance.   (see important tip here One window that wasn't modal was the Console Show window which has to be non modal in order for it to be useful.

I'd wonder if being modal means we don't have to worry about the case of the same shortcut being edited in two different windows, or the user clicking Delete on a shortcut that is being edited in another window, or the user clicking Start in a shortcut that is being edited etc