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Title: GBC Suggestion for Folders, fill viewport attribute
Post by: Sam F. on March 16, 2021, 03:41:36 am
A common UI pattern is organizing a large interface into separate top level tabs.

I find certain aspects of the Folder layout algorithm can cause issues on the GBC.
1. Slow layout for large numbers of pages
2. Layout in one page overflowing the viewport causes all pages to overflow the viewport (I have been working on a small laptop for the past two weeks and am finding this much more prevalent than I initially realized)

A straightforward approach to help with both of these issues would be to add an attribute (either form level or 4st) to instruct a Folder to fill the available viewport. Any pages that overflow the viewport would have their own internal scroll bars.

This way layout calculations need only look at the visible page and overflow is not affected by other pages.

Anyone have any thoughts or other ways this could be addressed?