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Title: Recording log with fglrun --start-guilog
Post by: . on December 20, 2020, 12:43:28 am

We are using genero server version 3.00.16 (fglrun -V ==> 3.00.16) and we are facing a problem when trying to generate a java file or BDL file with ggcgen (version 2.00.08) : Unsupported log file format

The guilog was generated with fglrun --start-guilog command.

Can you please help us get through this problem.

Bellow the first 3 lines of the guilog :

om 0 {{an 0 UserInterface 0 {{name ".....
om 1 {{an 252 Menu 344 {{text ".....
#event _om 0{}{{ActionEvent 0{{idRef "346"}}}}


Best Regards

Title: Re: Recording log with fglrun --start-guilog
Post by: Olivier E. on December 21, 2020, 05:52:00 pm
Hello Nabil,

You are trying to generate a scenario from a DVM (fglrun) log file.

From a log generated with DVM 3.00 but using GGC 2.00.

GGC 2.00 has been included in the bundle FGLGWS 3.20 not in previous versions.
Products delivered inside a bundle work together. But not with products from different major version (for example 3.00, 3.10).

If you need that GGC 2.00 supports DVM logs from 3.00 and 3.10 - We invite you to contact your local support centre and ask for a feature request.

Best regards,

Olivier Eckert - Four Js