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Title: Ask Reuben 48 - GST - User Actions
Post by: Reuben B. on September 25, 2020, 08:09:28 am
One of the goals of Genero Studio is that you should be able to do what you need to do inside Genero Studio, it should not be something where you are constantly Alt-Tabbing to a terminal to execute a command at the command line.  One of the configuration tools you have at your disposal is the concept of User Actions, this allows you to create actions that can be triggered by entries in the toolbar, topmenu, accelerator keys, or right-clicking on particular nodes.  You can use these to execute commands from within Genero Studio rather than typing them in at a terminal.

The creation of User Actions is a two step process.  First you define the action i.e what is executed, and then you define how the action is triggered.  Like most actions in a GUI environment, you can trigger it in more than one way.

An example I have of a User Action is to open certain directories such as FGLDIR, FGLASDIR, GSTSETUPDIR, and the GAS logs in the Projects Views so that I can edit and read files in these directories from with Genero Studio