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Title: Ask Reuben 45 - Rounded Image
Post by: Reuben B. on September 04, 2020, 03:01:09 am
The solution of how to create a rounded image is a good one to demonstrate the benefits of the customisation feature of  Universal Rendering.  If you look to achieve this using our Native User Interface front-end, you won’t see an Image attribute or Presentation Style that controls this.  However Web Interfaces have a very simple CSS style that achieves this and Universal Rendering can use this same CSS style via customisation.

The CSS that achieves this is to use the CSS border-radius property.   Normally this is set to a small value such as 10% to create the effect of a rectangle with rounded corners.  However if you set this to 50% then the rounded corners meet in the middle to effectively make a circle.

Using customisation, you can apply this to your Universal Rendering interface and choose to render selected images as Rounded Images.