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Title: Ask Reuben 15 - When Things Go Wrong - Part 2 of 3 ERRORLOG
Post by: Reuben B. on May 01, 2020, 08:52:58 am
In this second part of a three part series dealing with how you can handle errors gracefully whilst at the same time capturing as much information as possible, this article looks at the Errorlog file.

Be smart about the argument passed to the startlog() built-in function that creates an Errorlog file.  Instead of writing all errors for all programs to a single file, create a separate errorlog file for each running program.  This makes the file easier to read in an investigation.  

The Genero runtime will write to this file when a program crashes with date, time, filename, line number, error number and description.  Use the errorlog() built-in function to add additional debug information before then that maybe useful in an investigation.